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Tuesday, November 22 2011
Did dinosaurs come before adam and eve or after? The bible says that everything was created in 7 days.

The Bible is not written to be a science text book, but it is scientifically accurate. Though science is beginning to see that life came on earth as a gradual process, Moses wrote that 2500 years ago. The days in the first chapter of genesis are not 24 hour days but rather are periods of time. These period can span thousands or millions of years. For example, the sun was created on the fourth day, also, the seventh day has not ended yet.

According the Genesis, which is also what modern science is saying today, life started on earth from sea creatures, swarmers (Gen 1:20) and great sea animals (Gen 1:21) and then the flying birds (Gen 1:21). This was all in the fifth day. Other land creatures were created on the sixth day (Gen 1:24-25). Dinosaurs could have been part of those creatures as the word is generic enough to include different types of life forms. The creation of Adam comes after the creation of animals (Gen 1:26).  The Bible does not detail whether Man and Dinosaurs co-existed or not. Still after 2500 years and explosion of scientific discovery, Genesis 1 can be seen as a great summary of how God spend a lot of time and patience preparing a wonderful place for us to be living in and enjoying.
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Friday, August 28 2015
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